Printable: Contract Calendar

The Contract Calendar is a simple mechanism designed to remind you when you need to renegotiate your longer-term contracts that only come up for renewal on a periodic basis.

Companies take advantage of the lock-in period to reap higher rates and prevent you comparison-shopping for a better offer. In a world of fluctuating offers and discounts, that makes their revenue more stable but it prevents you from getting the best offer in the market.

The calendar reminds you to do the comparison shopping just before a contract comes up for renewal so that you can then either renegotiate the rate to match or come close to the best in the market, or you can decide to change supplier to get a better rate.

By putting all your contract details on the back of the calendar in the boxes provided, you lower the difficulty and administration required to change providers, which lowers the psychological barrier you face in considering a change in supplier.

In many countries (certainly the UK), changing electricity provider sounds like a big deal, but in fact the process is automated and all it requires is a little paperwork. Don’t miss out on savings that are there for the taking!

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