Privacy Policy

The Penny Ninja respects your privacy and the integrity of your personal information. Please read below to understand what we do with data gathered from our website and for our mailing lists.

Website Data

We set cookie information in your browser when you visit our site. The following cookies are used:

Google Analytics We use google analytics to measure the performance of our site and size of our audience. We may use it in the future to identify what kind of people enjoy our content to focus any marketing efforts on those categories of people. Google analytics places a cookie on your computer that is used to identify you when you return to our site, so that we better understand visitor behaviour.

Mailchimp is our email distribution partner. Mailchimp may place cookies on your browser for various purposes. We (The Penny Ninja) may also place a cookie on your browser to avoid showing the same sign-up form to the same visitor repeatedly. We do not use this cookie to track your visits, it merely informs the website of the last time your browser displayed the sign-up form so that we don’t pester you with sign-up requests.

Some of our tools (such as the budget planner) may use cookies to ensure we show you your own data when you return. These are not used to identify you in any other way.

At present, we use no other site cookies.

Email subscriber data

We use Mailchimp to distribute emails to our subscribers. Mailchimp handles the storage of the email distribution list, as well as sign-up and unsubscribe requests. We store no personally identifiable data on our own servers.

We will never sell, give or trade emails or any other personally identifiable information with a third party. We may choose to inform readers of third party products or services through our mailing list, but those emails will come from us.

Payment information

We do not take payments. We do not ask for or receive credit card information. Any transactions carried out after clicking something on our site are with a third party. Where we sell our own products, these are sold through third party services and so your payment details are shared with them, and not with us.