Savings Plan Calculator

I posted a few weeks ago with a savings plan calculator that allowed you to build you own 52-week savings plan using a google spreadsheet that I shared.

I thought about that some more and wanted to make it more versatile. What if you want to save over only 40 weeks, for example? What if you wanted to start with savings of £20 per week?

Check out this article to see the free online savings plan builder that achieves whatever target you choose.

An online savings plan tool that lets you build your own customized savings plan.

I played with the mathematics for a bit and then decided to brush off some (very) old coding skills. I’ve now built an online savings plan calculator that you can use to construct any savings plan you like, and create a custom printable you can use at home.

Please let me know what you think. You can check the tool out here:

Online savings plan calculator